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The Next Era of Customer Relationship Managent is Here

Vansima is a platform developed to deliver next generation marketing automation through AI. We are employing cutting-edge software tools and technology to reshape the world of digital marketing. Our platform enables you to predict your clients’ behavior, while at the same time manages campaigns and optimizes the costs of your outbound marketing activities.

Measured Results

At Vansima we are obsessed with reaching targets efficiently and outperforming competition.

Technological Solutions

We pride ourselves on being tech-savvy and innovative in our approach towards your challenges.

Dedicated Partnership

It is our utmost priority to collaborate with our partners in an honest, professional manner.

Vansima’s AI software technology helps you with content generation and distribution, predictive analysis and customer behavior, as well as general user experience in terms of engagement with promoted content and advertising

Nurture your Leads and Manage your Clients Simultaneously

Our product enables you to incorporate marketing and sales procedures real-time to achieve total synchronization between teams and departments. Vansima makes it possible to update and handle prospective clients and leads in your Customer Relationship Management tool with unmatched ease. Another advanced feature our partners receive with Vansima is lead segmentation and management, so your actions are perfectly in line with customer behavior and prepare you for the further nurturing of leads.

The Efficiency you Deserve

A Technological Short-Cut to Increasing Market Share, Sales and Productivity.

Vansima helps you optimize your campaigns thanks to an advanced scoring, enabling you to fine-tune client conversion and acquisitions efforts.

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